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I rarely speak about my private life except to my closest family members and friends.  A couple of years ago, my life changed. My marriage failed. I left a fulfilling job of 6 years. And relocated to a new city.

I know divorce happens to more than half of the American population, but I never imagined in my worst nightmare that I would be faced with this personal circumstance.

Many of us go through difficult life transitions that rock our world or leave us struggling for a moment in our lives. In my experience I have seen that sometimes people see physicians as having all the answers and not quite relating to their patients. But I can assure you… I am just like you, a human being on a journey to self-improvement, self-awareness and rebirth. For most of my life, I have dedicated myself to taking care of others, as a volunteer, intern/resident, attending physician, friend, wife, daughter, sister and mother. This personal circumstance also taught me that self-love and self-care are key to adequately taking care of others.

We seldom speak about how difficult it may be to get back on track and get back to a place where you feel like “yourself” again. For a period of time, I let go of healthy eating and exercising habits as well as traveling.  I did not make as much time for friendships or activities that I was passionate about like going to the theater, figure skating or playing tennis.  Lastly, I became critical of my imperfections and failures instead of focusing on my attributes and prior accomplishments.


After some spiritual meditation and self-reflection over the last three years, I realized that there is an ongoing process to building a new chapter for oneself.  It takes time and effort to focus on creating a chapter of REinvention, REjuvenation, and REflection.

Everyone’s process is different but I’m hoping that you will join me and others who are also going through a life transition on this new journey of rebuilding one’s emotional, physical and spiritual wellness.  We can help each other and learn a thing or two on the way while having fun.  You have one body and spirit to take care of and one life to live.

Join my friends and others in discovering how Dr. Maggie’s prescription of Reinvention, Rejuvenation, and Reflection can lead to a healthier lifestyle.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and embark on this journey with me.

dr. maggie

Fun Facts About Me

Illustration of Dr. Maggie.

1. I’m Haitian. Both of my parents were born and raised in different parts of Haiti and immigrated to the US right before I was born.

2. I have a sweet tooth. My favorite decadent treats are Eileen’s cheesecake in NYC, red velvet cupcake from Sprinkles and Cookie dough ice cream sundae from Haagen Daz.

3. I played piano at Carnegie Hall in my younger years and had an ice skating performance at Rockefeller Center.

4. MY Favorite celebrity encounters: the late Muhammed Ali, Viola Davis, Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhall in NYC.

5. I was a coat check girl at the 1789 restaurant in Georgetown University where I met famous politicians.

6. Riskiest thing I’ve ever done: zip lining in Mexico and hiking around Iztaccihuatl volcano and Popocatepetl volcano in the states of Puebla, Mexico—outside Mexico City.