Benefits of Jumping Rope

We are almost at the end of February and although National Heart Health Month is almost over, we should be caring for our hearts and continue being fit all year round. 

Last weekend, I participated in a great fundraiser sponsored by Sweat For Smiles honoring Kaboom, an organization that raises funds to go towards building more safe playgrounds for all kids.

Obesity is an epidemic in this country and staying fit and active helps prevent complications like excessive weight gain, increase belly fat, arthritis, and cardiovascular disease. Exercise can also help strengthen the muscles and joints as well as build bones! 

We can help our kids stay fit by doing simple things such as taking a flight of stairs instead of using the elevator and walking instead of taking a cab or bus. I like to make it fun and will often jump rope with my child. I recently took a jump roping class which was fun, intense, challenging and exhilarating! Here are my favorite reasons to pick up a jump rope today and boost your cardio!

  1. This exercise can burn a lot of calories and help with weight/fat loss.
  2. Has great aerobic benefits like increasing your heart rate and building endurance.
  3. May provide less impact on your joints compared to running.
  4. Improves coordination 
  5. Enhances elasticity of muscles and tendons while improving muscle tone.
  6. It is truly works so many muscle groups like your hamstrings, deltoids, calf muscles, quadriceps, as well as arms and wrists.
  7. Boosts mental alertness and cognitive function.
  8. Anyone can do it and you can do it anywhere so no excuses!


Disclaimer:  This blog contains my personal opinion based on personal and clinical experience, tips from trainers, health coaches and lastly research.  This blog does not endorse specific treatments, procedures, products.  You should always consult with a doctor, nutritionist, or other healthcare professional to discuss your own health and lifestyle goals and regimen based on your medical history.  Thank you for reading!