Chair Yoga — My New Favorite Workout

Chair Yoga workout

I recently brought a Fitbit and every hour a buzzing noise goes off signaling me to get up and move. How many of us have jobs where we are sedentary several hours of the day? In recent years, I have taken an interest in yoga and in the last year, chair yoga has been a new workout I am trying to increase my mobility in the office.

Chair Yoga bookCelebrity yoga guru, health and fitness contributor, author and my dear friend Kristin McGee has just launched the creative book Chair yoga: Sit, Stretch, and Strengthen Your Way to a Happier, Healthier You on how to take time in your day to incorporate stretching, exercise and meditation in your workspace or home without having to go to a gym or yoga studio.

As a mother and physician, I have limited time in my day to unwind and stretch and find some calm minutes to focus solely on me. This workout is such an innovative way to get me out of my desk space and release the tightness of my body and mind while writing my notes in the office. Her breathing techniques also provides me and others the tools to pause and take a moment in our busy lives to focus on feeling grounded, centered, relaxed, and grateful.

Kristin has helped me numerous times over the past three years in helping me to jumpstart my new chapter of REinvention, Rejuvenation and Reflection Attending her yoga and pilates classes have helped me focus on the blessings and joy I currently have in my life while also helping me nurture and strengthen my body and spirit.   Please take a moment to try some chair yoga in your office or at home during your lunch break! You won’t be disappointed!