Dear Med Student & Resident

Dear Med Student & Resident,

This past month so many medical students and residents graduated early and many of them have expedited their journey into medicine as they help fight against COVID-19.

I can still remember the official start to med school with the White Coat ceremony.  I felt so eager to have a faculty member place the coat on me and begin my journey after working so hard in college. I remember my mother looking so proud throughout the ceremony.  Medical school was definitely not easy and I had my challenges with passing Gross Anatomy and doing well on all the USMLE Step 1and Step 2 tests to get into a good residency.  It was not easy giving up your friends’ and family events like weddings, birthdays, holidays because of the dedication to studying that was required to achieve an M.D. degree. 

Despite the ups and downs, there so many great people I met along the way who are truly in my life forever because of our bond and I’ll never forget my first patient experiences during clerkships.  Graduating medical school, being able to give my class speech and reciting the Hippocratic Oath on that last day are achievements I’ll always hold dear to my heart.  

Finishing residency after many grueling years of no sleep, tests, presentations, ward rounds and again missing life events also is something to also be proud of.

I toast to all the medical students and residents who have endured the obstacles and came out on top. I applaud you all now for being courageous and offering your knowledge, compassion, service and sacrificing your lives to help others during this crisis even if you may not be ready.  

Don’t be afraid to speak up if you don’t feel prepared or comfortable to serve on the front lines.  It is OK and there are others to fill in those roles and support your choice. The journey into medicine is not easy but now you are part of the Health Heroes family.  

Remember to stay compassionate towards your patients and fellow colleagues.

Ask for help when you don’t know the answer. Turn each mistake into a learning opportunity.

Savor the journey. You did it! Congratulations!

Best Wishes, Dr. Maggie