Health and Wellness A Seminar

I just attended a great seminar at the Soho House in NYC hosted by female entrepreneurs. It focused on health and wellness as well as new rituals for the New Year. I  loved hearing about ways to focus on self-care and self-love in the New Year.

Thank you to Sally Kim (Crushed Tonic founder), Jess Chia (beauty editor at Allure), Serena Kerrigan, Ali Finney (editor at Well and good)and Lindsey Metselaar (We met at acme founder) for the invigorating chat and eye opening advice on achieving success while still taking care of yourself and making yourself a priority.

Here are some tips I learned from the seminar:

-Don’t let someone’s anxiety or stress become your anxiety.

-There are always urgent things to do especially when you are successful but you should try your best and prioritize without making someone else feel less important.

-To keep up success, always challenge yourself by learning new things or taking a class in something you are not familiar with, expanding your brand.  It’s time for me to finally learn how to speak fluent French!

-Ask yourself what value are you adding to your business or career and if you are happy with you are or do you want to add more?

-You may encounter friends who are categorized as “batteries needed or batteries included”. “Batteries included” individuals tend not to deplete your energy.

-Look in the mirror and make sure you like what you see. Sometimes we just need to put on some make up and lipstick to feel good about our appearance or do a photo shoot to feel fabulous. There’s nothing wrong with that!

-If you are not happy with yourself or your body or just feeling “stuck” then instead of complaining about it every day, just “DO SOMETHING/ANYTHING” to change things up to get you to that “confident place”

Some new rituals to consider in the New Year:

-At bedtime, take a long bath with candles and meditate.

-Try turning your phone to airplane mode to disconnect temporarily from the outside noise!  (This is extremely difficult to do!!)

-Maybe say “No” to that cheesy slice of pizza after a night out and just go to bed or drink some water.

-With dating, don’t take yourself too seriously and have fun, be lighthearted and vulnerable.

-Try adding some melatonin to you tea for a more restful sleep!

Excited to see how 2019 goes!