My Avocado Obsession

I have always loved avocado. What’s not to love!! Who can resist the buttery and smooth flavor?

Avocados are used to make the tastiest, juiciest guacamole all around the world. My new tasty treat is avocado toast! I usually like to treat myself after a challenging workout on the weekends when I have time to relax and enjoy the rich flavor of this delicious meal.

My favorite avocado toast can be found nationally at Le Pain Quotidien, The Smith Restaurant, Margot Patisserie and Tessa restaurant in Manhattan.


10 Facts About Avocado

I can go on and on about avocados, but here are some of the top reasons why this food deserves applause:

  1. Because of the green color and texture, it can be mistaken for a vegetable. Surprisingly, it is categorized as a fruit with lower sugar content when compared to other fruits.
  2. It is fiber rich. The insoluble fiber can help with passage of food while the remaining soluble fiber helps you feel full.
  3. Can you believe that it can be used sometimes to replace butter and oil in some baked products like brownies? This fruit can also be combined with milk and serve as a milkshake.
  4. Avocados are nutritional anti-aging superstars being great sources of lutein which helps with eyesight, vitamin E (powerful antioxidant), vitamin C and carotenoids that can promote DNA repair promoting skin repair.
  5. It is a heart healthy food which helps control blood sugar levels if you substitute for carbohydrates.
  6. There are some good fats and avocados have high sources of mono saturated good fat which helps booster HDL “good “cholesterol and lower LDL “bad” cholesterol.
  7. Many of you will be ecstatic to hear that it is gluten and dairy free.
  8. For all the pregnant ladies out there, avocados have important B vitamins, such as folate and vitamin B6.
  9. For those who don’t like the taste of bananas, avocado provides a good amount of potassium.
  10. Some studies have revealed that certain extracts of avocado might treat pain and stiffness associated with osteoarthritis. There needs to be additional studies to look at long term effects.

Need I say more?