What is it about Halloween that makes this holiday so fun?  Is it watching all the excited children in the neighborhood go door to door. Asking for piles of candy or playing tricks on their friends?  All the scary movies that make you scream and jump out of your skin?  Is it the spooky décor placed on haunted houses, brownstones, and apartment buildings?  Alternatively, is it simply the celebration of fall and the kick off to the holiday season?


For me Halloween brings out my inner child and gives me the opportunity to step into someone else’s shoes. Whether it is the black swan or Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. Or even Cat Woman, one of my all time favorites.  As a child, I was always that kid who listened to her parents, did my homework. Engaged in several sports and activities, did not stay out late and did not break the rules much.  I grew up as a straight laced, responsible and conservative child.  I was a social kid and never shy but definitely always kept my composure, did what I was told, and got things accomplished.


Frankly, not much has changed during the years! There was always a little part of me that wished I could be more adventurous and step out of my comfort zone and just be a little mischievous for a day or two.  Well, Halloween always gave me that chance—- a day where rules could be broken; I could be someone different, and explore the other sides of my personality.  One of my favorite past costumes was being Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, one of my favorite book and movie characters.

I loved that she represented goodness and hope. I loved her blue and white plaid dress with those famous glittery ruby slippers and carrying my version of Toto around in the picnic basket.  It was always exciting to channel another character or reinvent myself for a day and let myself experiment with costumes and different identities and just have fun.  Anything goes on Halloween and I loved that day of freedom to just “let go” for a little bit.

The Black Swan Character

One of the reasons why I love the ballet “Swan Lake” so much is because of the two opposing main characters. Odette, the white swan and Odile, the black swan.  It is every ballerina’s dream to be a principal dancer in this ballet because she has the opportunity to immerse herself in these two completely different individuals.

Although I absolutely love the white swan’s flawless and innocent performance in this ballet The black swan’s dark and mysterious character is mesmerizing.  I had the honor of watching Misty Copeland dance these two opposing characters.  I became utterly mesmerized by her ability to switch back and forth between the characters.  Natalie Portman also gave an amazing performance in one of my favorite movies, “The Black Swan,” which again displays the complex ability to be two completely different people.

Reinventing Yourself

Reinventing yourself, taking on a new character, and getting out of your traditional comfort zone may be scary but exhilarating at the same time.  This does not mean that you have to change who you are at the core, but it is nice to have depth and layers.  It is exciting to nurture a part of your personality that may not have existed before.

For me, being more assertive sometimes without worrying about what people think can be a challenge.   Sometimes, it is just fun to forget life’s responsibilities for a day and just dress up as your favorite character. From a book, movie, or real life and be a kid again for a few hours.  So this year, I am channeling my “Odile, Black Swan” personality and will be trick or treating, acting like a kid again, and leaving Dr. Maggie behind for a few hours!

How can we continue to reinvent ourselves every so often? Think about it….

Happy Halloween!