The Theater

“ I regard the theater as the greatest of all art forms, the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another the sense of what it is like to be a human being.”- Oscar Wilde


I have always loved to act, sing and dance since I was a little girl but I didn’t think I had the skill to make it as an actress. I truly loved the idea of immersing oneself into another character and telling a story that can touch another person’s heart.  I can still remember parading around our family home as a little girl acting out the scenes from Annie and singing the songs from the musical.  My parents heard me sing those songs every day for a whole summer!  Since I couldn’t act, I think one of the reasons why I loved figure skating so much is that I had the opportunity to display my artistic side, perform and transform into another character on the ice.


My first time stepping into a theater on Broadway happened when I was invited to my best friend’s sweet sixteen every day.  She decided to take her closest friends to see Phantom Of The Opera.  I had danced to the music in ballet. When I saw that production for the first time, I cried after almost every scene. Hearing the beautiful music from Andrew Lloyd Weber and watching the choreography and acting in that iconic musical touched me. It was that moment that really made me fall in love with theater.


I remember thinking that the actors and actresses were so lucky to share their talents with the world every day on stage and connect with so many people.  I left the show that day knowing that theater would always be a part of my life.  Since then I’ve seen Phantom at least seven times!  I have fallen in love with other productions such as Les MiserablesThe Color Purple, Aida, BeautifulWaitress, and Wicked.  For several years, I made it a priority to see a play or musical at least once a month so I could connect with myself and feel rejuvenated. 

Every time I felt stressed or overwhelmed, attending a performance for two to three hours served as my mental escape and made me feel exhilarated. I stopped going for a while when I was going through my hardest life transition a few years ago; I felt that I lost a piece of myself. The art have a huge impact on my happiness. I finally decided a couple of years ago to continue participating in the activity that brings a smile to my face every time. 


There are so many every day tales that come to life on Broadway. Two years ago, I saw Sunday in the Park with George with Jake Gyllenhall who portrayed the quirky and iconic French pointillism artist, Georges Seurat.  Last year, I finally treated myself to see Hamilton, which was a transformative experience.  Music can bring people together and watching everyone in that theater immerse themselves in the brilliant story about Alexander Hamilton and sing along to the amazing rap lyrics by Lin-Manuel Miranda filled my soul with joy and pleasure. 

 Dear Evan Hansen spoke to me and others about the influence of social media and feelings of isolation in the world today. Recently I saw Network with Bryan Cranston and Tony Goldwyn which made me pause and think about the world today and how people should be active participants in their lives and in their government.  Finally, watching the cast perform To Kill A Mockingbird reminded me of the brilliant literary classics that are out there for me to enjoy again.


It may not have been my calling to have a profession in the arts but I am so grateful that I can have access to see these amazing stories come to life in front of my eyes. I am so fortunate to be able to get lost in the talented performances and carry these memories in my mind and soul forever.

Here is the list of my favorite Musicals and Plays of All Time! I hope you can check them out one day on Broadway or a local theater wherever you live.  What’s your favorite play or musical?


  1. Les Miserables
  2. Hamilton
  3. Phantom Of The Opera
  4. Dear Evan Hansen
  5.  Wicked
  6. Next To Normal
  7. If/Then
  8. Beautiful
  9. Sunday In The Park With George
  10. In The Heights
  11. Waitress
  12. Color Purple
  13. Chorus Line
  14. Chicago
  15. Lion King
  16. Evita
  17. Aida


  1. Network
  2. Fences
  3. RACE
  4. American Son
  5. WIT
  6. A Steady Rain
  7. Present Laughter
  8. Seminar
  9. All My Sons
  10. The Little Foxes
  11. To Kill A Mockingbird
  12. Oleanna