Every morning when I wake up at 4:30/5 am, the first few thoughts focus on what I have planned for my day…school, work, grocery shopping, after school activities, homework, fitness, blogging, phone calls and responses to my patients…the list seems to go on and on.

The last few months during the pandemic has made me realize the importance of time. During the initial shutdown in NYC, it was a stressful and scary period but I felt that I had time to slow down a bit. Honestly, it was quite refreshing to focus on keeping my child, myself and my family safe. The world seemed to pause for a few weeks.

As the nation opened up this summer, some of that time seemed to just fly away. 

We are all so busy. Jumping from one task to the next. We forget about preserving the one gift that we can never have enough of.

Time is truly the one resource that we can’t get back! 

We need TIME..

To process trauma and illness.

To heal.

To replenish our souls.

To help and connect with others.

To make the right choices.

To plan for the future ahead.

To hold on to precious moments that always seem to slip away before we can truly appreciate them.

Spend your time wisely.. Prioritize what really matters. 

Time flies. We have the choice to be the navigators.