I can think of a million things that can bring a smile to my face but I’ll just mention a few to kick off the week!  

1) Hearing my daughter say “Momma”.

2) Warm hugs from my daughter, niece and nephew.

3) Spending time with my parents, siblings and extended family.

4) Hot chocolate with marshmallow on a winter day.

5) Dipping my toes in the sand and looking at the ocean.

6) Watching an amazing musical or play on Broadway in NYC!

7) Discussing life, love and everything else in between with my best girl friends over bunch or dinner.

8) Making someone else smile.

9) Figure skating, playing tennis and running outdoors!

10) A long massage at a spa.

11) Being in Paris or Poistano, Italy.

12) Dancing anywhere or anytime and CONCERTS!

13) Watching the “Notebook”, “Sound of Music”, “Scandal” or anything with Zac Efron in it!

14) Looking at an inspiring piece of art.

15) A great SOUL CYCLE or kickboxing class!

16) Holding babies!!

17) Reading a page turner.

18) Learning about different cultures.

19) An unexpected snow day!

20) Meditating….Being still sometimes.

21) Falling in love..